Sunday, January 05, 2014

New Year. Final Post.

I want to thank you all for being loyal readers of this blog, and apologize for not having posted in quite a while. The fact is I'm swamped with other projects. One of them is a blog–to–book experiment on Patheos entitled Rabbi Rami's Guide to Judaism. I posted the first entry this morning:

This will be my latests thoughts on Judaism. Nothing topical. Nothing snarky. Just my vision of Judaism that I hope to pass on to my grandchildren. And yours. I hope you will begin to follow the blog on the Patheos site.

I continue to lecture around globe, run the One River Wisdom School (, the soon to be open Spiritually Independent Foundation ( with its training program for spiritual directors, post my humorous spin on new age thinking on Twitter, write my advice column for Spirituality and Health Magazine, host my weekly radio call–in show (How to be a Holy Rascal on, and bang my head against the wall to meet book deadlines, but this blog has got to go.

Please follow me on Patheos, Twitter, and Facebook. Have a constructive and purpose-filled new year.


Fraser said...

Very nice Rami. Do something excellent and then in the finest Ecclesiastes tradition let that which is always emptying empty.I have loved the blog, contributed sometimes and enjoyed all the entries. I must confess to have copied and pasted a couple of bits when I wanted to say..."see just like he says!!". A guide to Rami's vision of Judaism sounds like just what I need frankly so I'm there! ofa atu Fraser

The author of this blog is said...

great blog I have often shared it with friends, colleagues and enemies. Glad you are moving on, letting go and letting G-d. If readers need to plough through words while they are rehabilitating from the withdrawal symptoms, here are some of mine: